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GoldenOrb Flashing

Flashing Changes

Changes to Flashing GoldenOrb

If you are upgrading from the GoldenOrb 2016-04-01 build, or from an even older ROOter build, then you are advised to flash it without keeping the settings. Keeping the settings when flashing from the 2017-07-01 or 2017-10-10 GoldenOrb is okay. However, if you plan to use DDNS or OpenVPN then it is advised to flash without keeping the settings as these features have some major changes to them.

Make sure this box is unchecked when you flash the new firmware. This will stop some strange errors from occuring.

Because the images are bigger and use a new Linux kernel the time it takes to flash the new image is longer than it used to be. You will find that you will have access to the router's web GUI before the flash and reboot process is complete.

Wait for the light on the router to stop flashing before attempting to modify things in the web GUI. This can take up to 7 minutes for certain routers. Otherwise you may find that you have to reboot the router to have ROOter and the Wifi activate.

Another change that has been made is to have the Wifi be encrypted by default. This can be changed after flashing but, for security reasons, it is encrypted during flashing. The default Wifi password is rooter2017.

On certain routers using Broadcom Wifi chip sets you may have to reboot the router after flashing in order to have the Wifi enabled.