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Modem Configuration

Connection Monitoring Tab

Configuring a Modem

The Connection Monitoring Tab of a profile is used to enable and set up Connection Monitoring for the modem's connection. This will be used to detect when the connection fails and to take certain steps after that happens.

By default, Connection Monitoring is disabled and when you enable it you will show a number of fields that are used for this process. The type of enabling that you choose determines what is done when the connection goes down.

  1. Enabled - log that a disconnection has occurred in the System Log but take no other action.
  2. Enabled with Router Reboot - reboot the router if a disconnection occurrs.
  3. Enabled with Modem Reconnect - try to reconnect the modem using various methods if a disconnect occurrs.
  4. Enabled with Power Toggle or Modem Reconnect - if supported, power toggle the modem to force a reconnect. Otherwise use other methods to reconnect the modem.

The connection is monitored by pinging a specified site and seeing if there is a response to this ping. Multiple pings can be used and you can customize the ping test to suit your particular connection.

Tracking Reliability

It is possible to ping multiple sites in this process and this is the number of those sites that must respond in order to say that the connection is up.

Ping Count

The number of pings sent to a site during each test.

Ping Interval

The amount of time between sending the pings to a site.

Ping Timeout

The number of seconds to wait for a response to a ping test.

Ping Packet Size

Size of each ping packet.

Interface Down

The number of failed ping tests in a row before the connection is said to be down.

Interface Up

The number of successful ping tests in a row before the connection is said to be up.

Tracking IP

The IP Address of a site or sites that you wish to ping to determine if the connection is up or down. There must be at least one Tracking IP for Connection Monitoring to work.

The default values will most in most cases but some connections may require changes to suit their specific situation and to eleminate false disconnections.