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Here you will find other downloads that are related to ROOter and routers in general. Restore your router to factory firmware, get the scripts needed to build your own ROOter images and make a number of routers unbrickable.

Restore it to factory

Factory Firmware Downloads

There may come a time when you wish to restore your router to the factory firmware. We provide a number of factory images that will allow you to do that.

Build your own images

ROOter Build System

If you wish to build your own ROOter images you need the ROOter Build System, as ROOter is now a fork of OpenWrt. We provide it here.

Make your router unbrickable

Bootloader Modifications

Modify the Bootloader on certain routers to make them unbrickable.

APNs from worldwide

APN List

An XML file that contains most of the APNs used by every ISP in the world.