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Scheduled Reboot

Rebooting your router

Scheduled Router Reboot

You may find that your router requires an occasional reboot to keep it running at its best. It is most convenient to do this at a time when you are not using it so ROOter has the ability to scedule the reboot at a time of your choice. To do this go to the Services menu and the Scheduled Reboot submenu.

In order for the reboot to take place at the proper time you must make sure that your router's time and Time Zone is set correctly. In the Time Zone section you will be shown your current time and zone.

If these are not correct then you must go to the System menu and the System submenu and set it there.

Once the router time and zone are correctly set you can enable the Scheduled Reboot in the Reboot section.

When it is enabled the Reboot Time dropdown box appears.

Select the time and then click on Save&Apply. The router reboot will now take place every day at the selected time.