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Sharing Storage using Network Shares

If you have USB storage devices, such as USB hard drives or memory sticks, that you would like to share over your network it can be done using the ROOter firmware as the 8meg images include the Samba File Sharing feature.

Storage devices that are plugged into the router's USB port are automatically mounted and shared without any user intervention. To see what devices are shared by the router go to the Services menu and the Network Shares submenu.

The Hostname is the name that will appear in your list of Network devices. It can be changed to suit your needs. Click on Save&Apply after making the change.

In the Name column you will see the names assigned to the storage devices plugged into the USB port. These names are based on the manufacturer's name for the device. Linux will, in many cases, show that the device has 2 partitions on it and mount them with different names. This is true for devices that were formatted using Windows. The partition with the files on it will be the one with the sda1 in it's name.