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GoldenOrb Features

feature list

The Features of GoldenOrb

GoldenOrb is the latest in a long line of ROOter releases. It contains many modem and router related features to enhance your router usage. Have a look here at what these features are and how to go about using them.

Modem Related Features

monitor the connection

Connection Monitoring

A way to check on the modem's connection and how to take action to restore it if the modem becomes disconnected.

connection failover

Connection Failover

If you have multiple Internet sources you can make the router do failover to the secondary source if the primary source is lost. This is for routers using the 8meg image only. Routers using the 16meg image use Load Balancing.

multiple connections

Load Balancing

If you have multiple Internet sources do Load Balancing and Failover with them. For routers using the 16meg image only.

network information

Network Status

Find out what the information displayed on the Network Status page is all about.

text messaging

SMS Messaging

Find out how to do text messaging through your router using the modem's SMS system.

extra modem features

The Miscellaneous Page

A look at using the modem features that are on the Miscellaneous page. Change the modem's cellular mode, send AT commands and more.


Features to Help Debug Modem Problems

A look at the ROOter features used to debug problems with your modem.

Router Related Features

New Themes

The Web GUI Theme

The different GUI themes available in ROOter and how to change to them.

safe shutdown

System Stop

A safe way to shut down your router.

guest wifi

Guest Wifi Network

Add a guest Wifi network to your router that has Internet but is separate from the main network. It supports speed limiting using SQM.

Network Printers

Print Server

How to set up a USB printer on a ROOter and then configure Windows so it can access it over the Network.

sharing files

Network Shares

Share files on storage devices attached to the router over your network.

Wifi hotspot

Wifi Hotspot Manager

Set it up so your router automatically connects to a Wifi Hotspot whenever it is in range.

reboot your router

Scheduled Reboot

Make it so your router reboots at a preset time every day.

monitor your traffic

Bandwidth Monitoring

Have your router monitor the traffic to and from the Internet on a per device basis. See who is hogging the bandwidth.



Set up an OpenVPN tunnel on your router. Hide your traffic from the ISP.



Set up a Wireguard VPN tunnel on your router. Don't let others see what you are doing.


Dynamic DNS

Dynamic DNS allows your router to be reached with a fixed hostname while having a dynamically changing IP address.

traffic control

Smart Queue Management

With SQM you can enable traffic shaping, better mixing (Fair Queueing), active queue length management (AQM) and prioritisation on one network interface.

wake up devices

Wake on LAN

Wake on LAN is a mechanism to remotely boot computers in the local network.

do scripting

Custom Commands

Create and execute scripts on the router using the web GUI.